The creation of the musical program is based on several criteria. On the one hand, there is the desire to give voice to artists from the region, as well as more generally to express the diversity of styles while remaining on a rhythm of danceable music. Music groups from neighboring countries such as Germany, Italy and France are also invited. At the end of the concerts, the evenings continue with jam sessions and DJ sets.

Alternating with musical performances will be artistic performances based on movement, sound, light and color.

It is not just music that makes up the artistic program of the Openair Cavaglia. Theatrical performances, wellbeing activities and workshops of various kinds diversify the offerings of the three-day event, integrating an audience of different ages.

Recreational activities


Harmonies and repetitive voices meet complex and modern rhythms. Moments of total ecstasy, but also of sensual silence. Music, like the tide, rises and falls again. Musically, Marea Nucha tries to create its own new sound.


Onimo : Songs that bloom in the open air, halfway between reggae, rap, blues, African and Andean music. Words sung, scanned, blown, that challenge, question and invite reflection or meditation.


Influenced by grunge and heavy metal of the late 90’s and early 00’s, NUMBITIOUS have developed their own version of alternative metal.
The songs are raw, powerful and at the same time varied. The texts, socially critical, concern the current world and are performed in an expressive way with sharp voices.


Alba … local band has always been present on the stage of the Openair Cavaglia since the first edition in the distant year -3 ahead of Covid.
Tamara, a band equally Valposchiavina, with more than twenty years of experience will add spicy to the local dish.

Okto Vulgaris is a loaded mixture of deep raucous female vocals, catchy melodies and a generous amount of dirt. Every songs contains some of the musical characteristic of all of us. The usual insanity.


Little Lady are three young musicians, including Dorotea Crameri from Poschiavo, who present fresh pop compositions.

Tonfisch : Always happy to play when there is love.


Leopardo : Velvettians and Beatlesians in equal measure, the Swiss of Friborg spread light psychedelic carpets in the New Zealand cottage that Jonathan Richman shares with the Chills – Manuel Graziani


Ali Dada: Incredibly filigree vibes that never bore thanks to expertly scattered samples and rambling guitar riffs that with the addition of an electronic drum kick move the stomach.


NOFNOG (No Fight No Glory) continue to play what they love the most: direct, melodic and political Hardcore-Punk! The four guys from Eastern Switzerland unleash all their power on stage to transform every venue into a place full of energy and sweat. In their lyrics they address social injustices, but they also celebrate friendship and shit nights.

The Recycling Big Band was born in 2019 from an idea of the drummer Paride Nussio, with the support of his father Ivan Nussio. The name was born as a joke. During one of the first tests a member exclaimed satisfied that despite not seeing each other for years they were still close-knit; “You could still use us … you could still recycle us …”


BOMB NINETEEN from Lenzburg, inspire the audience with groovy basslines, precise and dynamic rhythms, wonderful and expressive vocals, and emotions.
With their confident instincts, a solid foundation is created for a fun and melodious show.

DJ Mangoes

All terrain with a hint of spice best describes DJ mangoes AKA Nico Rojas. His life needs as much variety as his music. From jazz, funk, disco, all the way to house, techno, psytrance, salsa, dub, reggea…it’s always a celebration with a touch of tropical groove because DJ man-goes anywhere.



A show in which color, fire and artists-and dance in harmony.
The Zurich-based artist-and and dancer-trine group combines different art forms such as bodypainting, fire dancing, set design and dance.
With this unique, creative and lively form of presenting art, the group wants to encourage audiences to move and connect.



An invitation to walk together the roads that connect the dream and the awakening.
Sharing memories, experiences, visions and impressions – in a universe of movement, sound and projection.

Recreational activities