The creation of the musical program is based on several criteria. On the one hand, there is the desire to give voice to artists from the region, as well as more generally to express the diversity of styles while remaining on a rhythm of danceable music. Music groups from neighboring countries such as Germany, Italy and France are also invited. At the end of the concerts, the evenings continue with jam sessions and DJ sets.

Alternating with musical performances will be artistic performances based on movement, sound, light and color.

It is not only music that makes up the artistic program of Openair Cavaglia. Theatrical performances, wellness activities and workshops of various kinds diversify the offer of the three-day event by integrating an audience of different ages.


Harmonies and repetitive voices meet complex and modern rhythms. Moments of total ecstasy, but also of sensual silence. Music, like the tide, rises and falls again. Musically, Marea Nucha tries to create its own new sound.


Step into a world where the wild beats of untamed music collide with the raw energy of unbridled talent. Introducing the Hot Air Baboons, a genre-bending band that embraces sonic exploration. With their electrifying fusion of rock, funk, and experimental melodies, these musical enthusiasts will unleash an unforgettable experience upon the stage of Openair Cavaglia!


With their unique and engaging musical genre, the Big Recycling Band will transform the Openair Cavaglia into a whirlwind of energy!


Pinch Points, the electrifying four-member band from Melbourne, Australia, and are ready to set the stage ablaze with their unique brand of music.

Fusing elements of post-punk, garage rock, and art-pop, their music spreads with raw energy that leaves the audience energized.


Violeta Vicci, A multifaceted, contemporary violinist and vocalist, Violeta Vicci has collaborated with artists like Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Elbow, Sigur Rós, Fontaines DC, Clint Mansell, Steeleye Span, is a band member of TTRRUUCES and is currently playing with Bat For Lashes. Her music has been played on BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, BBC6 Music, RAI Italia, KEXP, Resonance FM, Soho Radio, Dublab, Grenzwellen and Radio Mercure amongst others.


The Carvel’ are back! After their incredible performance at Openair Cavaglia in past years, they are set to make a triumphant return to the stage this August! Their unique blend of indie, rock, and pop is sure to get you moving and grooving.


We’re thrilled to introduce a very alternative-rock sensation: Harry’s Basement!
These talented musicians hail from Bremgarten AG, and they’re bringing their unique sound and killer energy to our stage.


Embark on a melodic journey with the hypnotic “Little Lady“, Dorotea Crameri, from the picturesque town of Poschiavo.
Her band goes from jazz to pop to volk, bringing own songs and timeless pieces. Their goal is to bring positive energy, make you dance and have fun on stage!


As its name indicates, Alba is rising, shifting, changing color and expanding. It is a band from the Italian Grisons consisting of Benjamin Arner, Lucrezia Oberli, Marco Baumann, Flurin Arner with a surprise guest.

With a unique style inspired by rock, folk, blues and pop music, they play their own compositions with lyrics in dialect and Italian.


Directly from Valtellina, we are honored to present the newly formed project “Magazzini Musicali,” a collective of creative people who writes groovy tracks, exploring varied sounds and blending in the influences of each member.









Theatre performance with Maëlle Torné, Malo Drougard and Lucrezia Oberli

Cavalandes is a violet planet that has come close to Earth. You can only see one of its sides, the other is unknown and invisible – a myth. This planet serves as a place for thérapeutic programmes, like “the Dionysian Mount”.


Dance performance with Clara Tullii, Anya Niklaus and Luna Meylan - choreography by Léa Schneider.

Inspired by Indian philosophies, the dance piece “VASANAKSHAYA” tells us about the journey of liberation. The liberation from our conditionings, shadow parts and what create reactions within us and clutters us. It shows our inner and external conflicts and how we can get free of them. A calming piece that invites us to reconnect to our true nature.


Dance performance with Léa Schneider (FR) and Raquel Arias (CR)

This exciting duet explores techno music and its appeal. Using contemporary dance, and some elements of waacking and voguing, they express the unique allure of techno parties. Léa and Raquel play with different dance qualities and use repetitive movements to create mesmerizing and engaging patterns, which got inspired by techno music dancers and their most iconic moves. This captivating fusion of dance and music will take you on a journey.




Music genre: Techhouse





Music genre: Progressive House, Indie Dance, Acid House, Dark Disco





Music genre: stankfacedisco






Music genre: Indie Dance / Psy Tech



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