This event is not only an invitation for those who feel like blowing off steam, dancing and keeping late hours. With its varied program, Openair Cavaglia also aspires to welcome families, children and all people who wish to spend a weekend different from the usual, in a natural setting that never ceases to amaze.
All participants of the event will be able to harmonize body, mind and soul with an awakening yoga, a guided meditation, a Shiatsu massage, a dance-theater workshop or even by walking or biking along the glacier paths… Guiding us through these wellness and discovery activities we will have with us Corinne Arner-Semadeni, Mariya Germanova, Simona Paganini-Marchesi and Nadia Cabassi-Compagnoni, Maëlle Torné and Sofiane Khouas, Davide Jäger. This year a show dedicated to the youngest children will be offered for the first time; with Zanubrio Marionettes, classic wolf tales will be revisited in an original and unusual way.

Openair Cavaglia is popular with locals as well as the public from neighboring Italy and other parts of Switzerland because it promotes quality and affordable regional dishes and drinks. Refreshment moments are a chance to meet where traditions are revived, but also unique moments of sharing in a multicultural and intergenerational universe.

At Openair Cavaglia, not only the glasses are recycled, but also the musicians, and as a regional offering there is more than just food and drink. Opening the concerts will be Alba again, somewhat changed but not necessarily grown up, joined by the Valposchiavini Tamara who will add some spicy to the local dish. The harmonies of the Recycling Big Band, formed in 2019 and composed of musicians from the region, will resound afterwards. The name was born as a joke. During one of the first rehearsals one component exclaimed with satisfaction that despite not seeing each other for years they were still close-knit; “We could still use each other…we could still recycle….” After last year’s success, with Little Lady the three young musicians, including Dorotea Crameri from Poschiavo, will again present their fresh compositions. Hailing from Lenzburg, Bomb Nineteen will appear again in Cavaglia. These young musicians inspire the audience with groovy basslines, precise and dynamic rhythms, wonderful and expressive voices, and excitement. From French Switzerland, Onimo returns to bring us new songs that blossom in the open air, somewhere between reggae, rap, blues, African and Andean music. Words sung, scanned, blown, that challenge, question and invite reflection or meditation. Okto Vulgaris bring us back a “Tube Rock,” as they call their sound, is a loaded mix of deep, raspy female vocals, catchy melodies and a generous dose of grime.
With Marea Nucha, repetitive harmonies and voices meet complex, modern rhythms. Music, like the tide, rises and falls again. Leopard: Velvettian and Beatlesian in equal measure, the Swiss from Freiburg lay light psychedelic carpets in the New Zealand cottage that Jonathan Richman shares with the Chills – Manuel Graziani. Nofnog (No Fight No Glory) continues to play what they love best: straightforward, melodic and political Hardcore-Punk! The four boys from eastern Switzerland unleash all their power on stage to transform any setting into a place charged with energy and sweat. Influenced by grunge and heavy metal of the late 1990s and early 00s, Nubitious developed their own version of alternative metal. The songs are raw, powerful and at the same time varied. The socially critical lyrics cover current world affairs and are performed expressively with edgy voices.
At the end of the concerts, one can retreat to the specially designated campsite away from the din of the festival area, return to the valley by shuttle bus, or–why not continue the festival? The small stage next to Bar Li Vegli never closes and is equipped with various musical instruments for those who want to give themselves over to improvisation. For those who want to dance, however, several DJs will perform until dawn with sounds that will initially be instrumental and groovy and then shift to more electronic and psychedelic vibes.

Alternating with the musical performances will also be two art performances. The performance-atelier dream is an invitation to travel together the roads that connect dreaming and waking-a journey between universes led by movements, sounds and projections. At the close of the Saturday night concerts, a performance will be presented where the group of artists and dancers will connect the audience through a harmonious dance of color and fire.

This year’s edition is not to be missed and is made possible thanks to the support of our loyal main sponsors: Repower, Raiffeisen, Balzarolo, the Culture Promotion of the Municipality of Poschiavo, Valposchiavo Tourism, Raselli Organic Herbalist Shop, IlBernina, Migros Cultural Percentage, the Rhaetian Railway and all other supporters presented on Supporters – Openair Cavaglia.
Thanks also to the Mobiliar Jubilee Foundation, Stiftung Lienhard, Willi Muntwyler-Stiftung, Boner Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur, Stiftung Dr. Valentin Malamoud, Stiftung Jacques Bischofberger and WaliDad Stiftung.
With their support, they not only make it possible for the event to take place, but they also enhance the project and the efforts of each and every volunteer working on its implementation!

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Lucrezia Oberli-Albertini