Openair Cavaglia

Ecology, live music and region.


  • Ecology
  • Live music
  • Region
  • Camping

The concept of the festival is based primarily on respect for the environment. For this reason, and also to prevent drunk driving, we invite participants to reach Cavaglia by train and not by car. A parking area will not be provided.

A night-time shuttle bus will be available to the participants who wish to return to the valley throughout the night. During the festival, every effort will be made to minimize waste production and protect the surrounding natural environment.

Music is a powerful tool to connect people.

The Openair Cavaglia does not just want to focus on a specific style of music and offers, therefore, a variety of different music genres.
The line-up consists mainly of local bands/artists from Valposchiavo and its surroundings with the addition of some bands coming from the other regions of Switzerland. The Festival is restricted to bands/artists who play live music.

Openair Cavaglia wants to represent the region of Valposchiavo through as many local gastronomic products and beverages as possible, therefore sustaining the local economy.
The region must be respected and the Valposchiavo residents are invited to support this project and actively participate as audience.

The festival will also have a camping area where toilets are provided.
If there is no official fire ban, there will be some fire pits on the festival grounds. Glass and aluminum cans are prohibited in the all area to prevent a negative impact on the environment as well as to minimize the source of danger due to shards. To make this happen, recyclable plastic cups will be used.