I Cinc soci spars, as indicated by the name in dialect, it means “the five scattered friends”. Scatted, because this is how we find ourselves at the moment: scattered throughout the Swiss territory studying in different cities but united by the love we still feel for our valleys “grigionitaliane “.

To try and get together at least once a year we have come up with a plan. It is about finding a reason to return to the valley and to our beautiful mountains and celebrate our nature and the power of music that unites us. A reason that applies to us and for the other young “grigionitaliani” who emigrated to other parts of Switzerland. These reasons encouraged us to develop our main project: organize an open-air music festival in the mountains.

Our first debut, the Openair Cavaglia 2017, was a success enjoyed by the local population, by the public coming from farther out and by the artists/bands themselves. Since we were not satisfied with finding ourselves only once a year, we decided to organize a music event during the cold season as well… La Rintanada is our winter event during which we offer a full night of live music in order to battle the cold winter temperatures in the Swiss mountains.

Our desire is to give young people the opportunity to express themselves, especially through music, but also through management, decoration, voluntary work and everything else that is needed to organize such events. Our project does not have a lucrative purpose, our goal is to cover the expenses and at the same time offer an enjoyable event with live music at affordable prices.

We started as a group of five, but we are opening up to a wider collaboration that is fundamental and necessary. We would, therefore, like to thank all the members who support and are part of the group through their financial contribution and the concrete work done during the events we organize. The cinc soci sparsis a symbol of a group that wants to be wider and more accessible and which will in future probably pass onto the next group of motivated people.

Par al mument le tüt, a valtri la parola